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    Frequently asked questions

    How do I determine the right firmness level for my mattress?

    Consider your sleep position and personal preference. Back sleepers may prefer medium to firm, side sleepers may lean towards a softer option, while stomach sleepers often find comfort in a firmer mattress.

    Is there a specific lifespan for mattresses?

    While mattress lifespan varies, a general guideline is around 7-10 years. Signs such as sagging, discomfort, or changes in sleep quality may indicate it's time for a replacement.

    What materials are best for those with allergies or sensitivities?

    Opt for hypoallergenic materials such as latex or memory foam, as they resist dust mites and are less likely to trigger allergic reactions. Additionally, using allergen-resistant mattress covers can provide extra protection.

    Does the price of a mattress reflect its quality?

    While quality often correlates with price, it's not the sole indicator. Consider factors like materials used, construction, and customer reviews. Investing in a high-quality mattress pays off in long-term comfort and durability.

    Can I return a mattress if it doesn't meet my expectations?

    Most reputable retailers offer a trial period. Read the return policy carefully, and take advantage of any trial periods to ensure your mattress aligns with your comfort needs. Many companies allow returns within a specified timeframe if the mattress doesn't meet expectations.